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When discussing the topic of driving barefoot, no matter what part of the United States you’re in, people will believe that it is illegal to drive barefoot. I even thought so when I was growing up and learning to drive in Arizona.

I was just talking with my partner about the topic and while we both assumed it would be illegal to drive barefoot, we didn’t know the actual answer. Turns out, it is in fact legal to drive barefoot in all 50 states.

While it is technically legal to drive barefoot in every state, including Texas, most every state discourages drivers from doing so. Some states even go as far as having additional fines and charges that can be placed on someone if law enforcement believes the driver’s bare feet caused an accident.

Despite the general encouragement to wear shoes while driving, most states agree on one scenario where driving barefoot is the safest option. That is if you are wearing flip flops or loose-fitting shoes. Due to the risk of those types of shoes falling off or getting stuck on the pedals, they would rather drivers wear no shoes than flip flops while operating a vehicle.

Overall, the choice to drive barefoot is up to you. If you feel like you have more control of the vehicle and like feeling the pedals better, then drive barefoot all you want. However, if you feel like it might put you or other drivers at risk, please keep those shoes on.

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