I was asking this question on The RockShow the other day. When is Winter over and when does Spring start?  I know we want to answer, "when it hit 72 degrees the other day" but that's not really correct.


Maybe some of you can keep track of the season better than me, but with this wacky weather, I get confused. The real answer to when Winter ends is, March 20th. Yeah, seriously, we are still two months away from the first day of Spring.

While we're at it let's lay out the rest of the year. Summer officially begins on June 21st and Fall is September 22nd. This takes us back around to next Winter which happens on December 21st.

I'm kind of like a lot of people when the snow is over, so is Winter. Technically we're wrong.  I'm personally hoping we're done with cold temps for the year, but then again I remember how hot summer was. So, guess the real question is when do those sweet 70 degrees, no wind, days come? The answer is, you just have to take them as they come in Lubbock Texas.

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