There is no better duo than a big bowl of cereal topped off with your favorite milk, 2% or whole are great options, but there are some people out there that need milk alternatives. These milk alternatives are for those that can't handle lactose or think milk from an animal is gross but what if there was a new type of milk that's been right in front of us all along. Wood milk.

That's right if you have been on YouTube the past week then you might have seen an ad for the newest type of milk that looks somewhat yummy. Well Wood Milk has been everywhere with Aubrey Plaza being one of the co-founders of the company that just takes trees and squeezes out the slime to turn into milk. If this sounds appetizing to you, wood slime, then you should watch the commercial for it.

Now that you have seen the commercial you know that wood milk is not real (please tell me you understood that) and is actually a marketing ploy and joke. This ad, and YouTube channel, is actually owned by the same company that does the 'Got Milk?' campaigns. There is no such thing as wood milk but instead it's making fun of other milk options such as almond, soy, pea, and so on.

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The ad did have me for a bit and I even debated on giving the tree slime a try on my cereal but that fantasy will have to live on in my dreams. I am a Volleman's Milk guy myself (it's made 100 percent in Texas) but was willing to give wood milk a try. What do you think? Was this campaign in good taste or is making fun of milk alternatives one for the cows. Let us know in the comments along with your favoritemilk.

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