KCBD wrote a nice little story about a ride at the Fair called the "Wave Swinger."  It's a nostalgic look at a handcrafted ride that was recently redecorated and reintroduced to the Fair's attraction. Now here's my question; could it be a rotating wheel of death?

The Wave Swinger Ride was actually built around 1974. Think about it, how many cars from 1974 do you see around? This ride was made when 8 track tapes were still popular. Gas was 55 cents a gallon and people were bitching that it was going up. Nixon was in the process of resigning. When this ride was made it had woven basket seats!

It may have new fiberglass seats, it may have new nuts and bolts, it may have new paint (how that holds it together I don't know), all I know is I don't want to be skyrocketed to Slaton my ass ablaze from my re-entry from space.

Yes, you can have your nostalgia, I want my rides NEW! I want them FRESH off the assembly line.  I  want to see the plastic and box it came from in a dumpster beside the ride. I don't think my rides should be older than my whiskey or my house.  You guys go ahead, I'll just stay over here and have a corndog.

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