September means chilly air and light jackets, but it also means it's time for the South Plains Fair.

This year, the fair will be from September 23rd to October 1st, with Buck-A-Ride Night being held on September 22. There are a few changes that are being put into place for this 2022 event.

The South Plains Fair has implemented a new clear bag policy starting this year, which means that you can't just walk out of the fair and hide all 8 turkey drumsticks that you purchased. Instead, you'll have to show them off with pride.

This clear bag policy affects all bags with the only exception being a small clutch purse and medical items. Clear tote bags, clear backpacks, clear diaper bags, and clear plastic zip top bags will be the only clear bags allowed other than the aforementioned exceptions.

In an interview with KFYO News, the South Plains Fair said it's implementing this new policy for safety reasons like so many other Lubbock venues, such as the Buddy Holly Hall, Plains Capital Park, and Jones AT&T Stadium. This new policy will allow fairgoers to be able to enjoy their time with a little additional peace of mind.

There are several places in the Lubbock area that sell clear bags, such as Academy, Walmart, and even online giant Amazon, where you can purchase a clear beach bag to use as a diaper bag.

This isn't the first time a fair has implemented a clear bag policy. The world-famous State Fair of Texas has had one since 2019 that seems to be more strict in the sense that they do require specific sizes of bags, compared to the South Plains Fair being lenient on that factor.

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