You know, I keep busy with my day job, but my part-time job as the RETAIL REAPER is becoming a full-time one very quickly.

According to our good friends over at The Consumerist, Rue21 could be filing for bankruptcy sometime this month.

The sources say that the retailer, which specializes in apparel and accessories for young men and women, is currently in the process of negotiating with lenders.

As of now, Rue21 operates around 1,100 stores throughout the US, including a store in Lubbock at Canyon West Shopping Center.

I made a call there after seeing what The Consumerist reported and heard what I hear all the time: The local store knows nothing and it's business as usual until they hear otherwise.

Of course, if bankruptcy and closing loom, the RETAIL REAPER will be here to tell you all about them.

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