On this day in the long time ago, America woke up from its long national nightmare. The nightmare of Prohibition! Repeal Day is here and if we don't use our rights, we lose them.

There are a few places around town celebrating Repeal Day. What is Repeal Day you ask? Its the anniversary of the repeal of the 18th Amendment which made it illegal to have a good time. Well, technically illegal to buy, sell, or consume alcohol, but that's just semantics.

Anyhoo December 5th is the anniversary of America overturning our loss of freedom and restoring our right to party like the Beastie Boys sang about.

So here are some places around town that are also celebrating our freedoms today. I personally will be live at The Library Bar at 17th and Texas in the Depot District from 6-8 tonight celebrating with many of you.

Cricket's Drafthouse and Grill

World Of Beer

I'm sure there are more and if you know of one share it with the world on our Facebook page.