The weather has been warmer in Lubbock recently and lots of people can hardly wait for those sweet Summer days. United Supermarkets has teamed up Coca-Cola to bring us closer to Summer as much as possible with some refreshing drinks.


Coca-Cola will be hitting various United Supermarket locations throughout the week with an opportunity for guests to get their hands on plenty of refreshments. The Coca-Cola airstream is in Lubbock to celebrate the start of March Madness basketball tournaments. There will be several refreshments served at the Coca-Cola airstream such as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Spiced, Coca-Cola Spiced Raspberry and more that can be tried before entering United Supermarkets.

Where's the Fun?

The United Family states that they are once again excited to partner with Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages to bring a fun experience to their guests during March Madness. A complete list of where the Coca-Cola airstream will be while in the Hub City can be found below.

  • Thursday, March 7: United Supermarkets (12815 Indiana Avenue)
  • Friday, March 8: Market Street (4205 98th Street)
  • Saturday, March 9: Market Street (4425 19th Street)
  • Sunday, March 10: United Supermarkets (11310 Slide Road)

The Coca-Cola airstream will be open from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. everyday that it is in Lubbock at the various United Supermarket locations.

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