Lubbock, the ever-expanding city, is a great place to find a job. There are always new businesses popping up, bringing new career opportunities, and a variety of options depending on what kind of work you want to do.

Many of the jobs are your standard office jobs. While they can be great and allow you to do the kind of work and live the kind of lifestyle you want, it can be boring sitting at a computer all day long. Something I'm sure we’re all tired of, no matter your job, are emails. All day, every day, we are all reading emails, writing emails, or ignoring emails.

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So, why not spice things up and make these emails more interesting? “How on earth can you make emails fun?” you’re thinking. The simpler answer is fun signoffs.

Forget the boring ‘sincerely’, ‘best’, ‘many thanks’, ‘with kind regards’, or whatever other basic sign-off you use. Let’s express how we are truly feeling, or at least end with a funny little saying.

I came across a TikTok with some fantastic examples:

My personal favorites include, ‘Your silliest goose’, ‘With no sincerity’, ‘Lights on, no one’s home’, 'Live, Laugh, Love', and ‘Warm regards? In this economy?’

Obviously, if you work in a very formal environment, maybe this isn’t the best idea. However, if you know your coworkers can take a joke and you aren’t communicating about serious matters, you might as well have some fun. At the very least, it will make you enjoy writing emails for once.

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