If you are like me, live in Lubbock, Texas, love cooking, and are always trying new recipes, you might run into the problem where you need certain ingredients that you can’t find at standard grocery stores.

While I adore Market Street and United Supermarkets form my every-day grocery shopping, sometimes I am trying a new Asian recipe that needs something so niche that a regular store wouldn’t typically carry. That is when I find myself on the hunt for an Asian grocery store that will likely have what I need.

No matter what food you are making, from Korean Jjajangmyeon to Indian Shahi Paneer, there are certain grocers around Lubbock that will carry what you need.

Each store offers different items, some carrying more Japanese items, others with Chinese items, etc. So, it is helpful to know where all the different shops are located so you can venture out and find what you need.

Fortunately, a large number of Lubbock’s Asian grocery stores are located near each other on 34th St. No worries if you don’t live near that part of town, there are also shops on 82nd and 50th St.

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I’ve personally shopped at the majority of these Asian markets before and all of the staff have been kind, helpful, and welcoming to their shoppers. Each store also has a unique vibe with some being packed to the brim with goods, others being more spread out, and everything in between.

Keep scrolling to see each of Lubbock’s Asian grocery stores as well as where they are located.

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