It is unfortunately that time in Lubbock where the weather fluctuations leave massive gashes in the roads.

When groundwater freezes under the pavement, it expands and alters the structural integrity of the road. This causes the pavement to weaken and form the seemingly never-ending potholes we all know and despise.

While some can be small and easily avoidable, others are not so kind. Some potholes seem to be ever-growing, increasingly deep, and absolute menaces to your vehicle.

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This is the problem that never ends...

While you’d assume the moment an especially bad pothole shows up the City of Lubbock would be working to fix it right away, you would be wrong. It seems that they enjoy letting them grow and grow, ruining alignments one wheel at a time, for weeks on end.

One very notable one that continues to be a problem no matter how many times they try to fix it, is off of Quaker and Loop 289. I’ve also noticed a repeated problem when turning to go south on Quaker from 82nd.

A new problem area I haven’t experienced for myself, but I’ve seen others complain about is at the entrance to the neighborhood Upland Crossing on Wausau Ave. Some locals are calling it the ‘Lubbock Canyon’ and it has apparently been wreaking havoc on that neighborhood.

Absolutely wrecked!

It was especially brutal when Lubbock saw some rain a couple of weeks ago because when the hole was full of water, it was much harder to see. Apparently one local ran over it on their motorcycle and ended up completely soaked. Thankfully they weren't injured.

I know it probably takes a while to organize everything needed to fix these potholes, and I understand not filling smaller ones that aren’t much of a problem. But if people are literally referring to it as a canyon, and it is potentially damaging people’s cars, why has it been left unattended to for weeks on end?

Leave a comment with any other notable potholes around town.

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