All of us dog lovers are Texas Proud!  Texas is a great place to have a dog!  And, a great place to adopt a dog! Most of us knew this already, but a survey on made it official.  For their survey the betting site explained how they got their data...

"We used data from to find the number of dog rescue groups and adoption agencies in every state. Then, we ranked each state by how many rescue organizations they had per square mile."

Although Texas is on this list, it ranks surprising low at number 24 out of 25.  Maybe that square mile criteria hurt the massive Lone Star state. Rhode Island ranked number one on the list. I think this is an example of the lack of square miles helping out the small state. Rhode Island has 92 rescue groups its tiny frame. Connecticut and New Jersey were number two and three respectively.  And, although Texas is low on the list, it does have a lot of animal rescue groups.  1,030 organizations are active in the Lone Star State.  If you are looking for the best to adopt a dog in the state, the group Charity Paws have put together a list of the best place to adopt in Texas.

If you are thinking about getting a new pooch in your life it is pretty simple in the state of Texas.  Basic requirements...You must be 21 years of age or older and have proper identification. Must be able to prove that property management permits pets if renting or prove homeownership. So, if you have that and strong desire to have a best friend aka dog - Texas is the place to be!

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