If you’ve ever been driving along 34th Street between the Loop and Milwaukee, then you have likely noticed the piece of land behind Costco that appears to be a vineyard.

Grape vines line the edge of the property with seemingly nothing in the middle, until the recent construction that started for what looks like an unrelated business called CoNetrix. Seeing just the vines, and no winery nearby, it raised questions of what they were there for.

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My assumption was that the property is simply owned by a local winery, and they just used that land to grow their grapes. There is so much farming in and around Lubbock that it didn’t seem odd to have some sort of agriculture remaining in a mostly commercial and residential area.

Someone else was curious enough to ask a local Facebook group about the vineyard, and they received a variety of answers.

Some people claimed they are just there for Ag Exemptions on the property owner’s taxes, but others revealed the real reason.

One commenter stated:

“They belong to the people who own the land. The wife’s grandfather grew grapes and they were transplanted from his farm. They are muscadine grapes. She wanted to grow them because of family history. The owners are friends of mine. They are not wine grapes and yes they do own Contrex but also the property.”

Another commenter agreed with that statement:

“I know the family- they genuinely love growing them. It’s been their property for many years and they are building their new offices there for CoNetrix. Has nothing to do with any type of tax break.”

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