Ahead of the first show of Sessanta, the tour's three bands — Puscifer, A Perfect Circle and Primus — have announced an EP featuring brand-new music.

The Sessanta E.P.P.P. is set for release on Friday, March 29, and will include one new track from each band. All three songs are co-written by Maynard James Keenan.

Sessanta EPPP - Primus, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle
Puscifer Entertainment

This marks A Perfect Circle's first new music since their 2018 studio album, Eat the Elephant, while Primus' most recent studio album is The Desaturating Seven — though in 2022, they released a three-track EP called Conspiranoid.

As for Puscifer, 2020's Existential Reckoning marks their latest collection of original material, but they have since released a remix album, Existential Reckoning: Rewired, and the live album Global Probing.

To help announce the EP, "Old Man" Keenan shared the below video:

What Songs Are on The Sessanta E.P.P.P.?

The new EP opens with A Perfect Circle's "Kindred," which is followed by Puscifer's "No Angel." It closes with Primus' "Pablo's Hippos."

"Kindred" features Keenan on vocals, Billy Howerdel on guitar, vocals, bass and keyboards and Josh Freese on drums. The song was produced and written by Howerdel and Keenan.

In addition to Keenan, "No Angel" includes Puscifer's singer Carina Round, guitarist Mat Mitchell, bassist Greg Edwards and drummer Gunnar Olsen. Round and Mitchell co-wrote the song with Keenan.

Marking the first time Keenan has written with Primus, "Pablo's Hippos" includes Keenan singing alongside Les Claypool on bass and vocals, Larry "Ler" Lalonde on guitar and Tim "Herb" Alexander on drums.

How Do You Get The Sessanta E.P.P.P.?

The Sessanta E.P.P.P. will be available digitally and on vinyl; fans can pre-order the EP now.

For collectors and completists, there will be plenty of variants for the vinyl edition of The Sessanta E.P.P.P., including a webstore-exclusive glow-in-the-dark pressing and an autographed tour-exclusive pressing that will be a different color of vinyl exclusive to each show. Those records will be limited to 75 copies per show.

The bands promise to perform this EP on the Sessanta tour this year.

What Is the Sessanta Tour?

In 2014, to celebrate Maynard James Keenan's 50th birthday, he brought together Puscifer, A Perfect Circle and Failure to share the stage of the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The show was dubbed the Cinquanta and was later released as the live album, Cinquanta — A 50th Birthday Celebration For Maynard James Keenan.

A decade later, Keenan has brought that idea back to life, but instead of limiting it to one night, he is taking his 60th birthday party on the road for the Sessanta tour. Just like that night at the Greek, though, all three bands will share the stage, interacting and collaborating with one another throughout the night.

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"It took some massaging, and some long days in rehearsal, but we managed to seamlessly pull off this three-song rotation at Cinquanta," Keenan said when Sessanta was first announced. "Bands aren't used to simultaneously sharing the stage with other bands, but if anyone can do it, it's Primus, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer."

Puscifer have given an even clearer depiction of what fans can expect from this unique tour: "There is no opener. There is no headliner. We will all share the stage. We play a few songs. They play a few songs. Then we play a few songs. Occasionally, we join each other on songs. We may even play new songs. New songs. It's going to be a celebration like no other."

You can find the full schedule and ticket information here.

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