We have a million reasons to love Texas but like anywhere, it has room for improvement.

I combed through a Quora Question, and it was a bit of an eye-opener, especially comments from some of the people who still live here. Myself, I really can't think of a better place to live. I did not spend the last 40+ years here by accident. I am perfectly happy here even though I will on occasion cuss the wind. Still, if I moved into a house with a lot of junk in the backyard, I'd try to get rid of some of that junk.  We can improve most of the things on this list, except for the last one.

The Lack Of Culture

The lack of culture is really two things, it's a lack of available cultural experiences, and also a lack of willingness to embrace other cultural experiences. This leaves Texans with a very narrow-sighted version of the world and can lead to any number of things from sexism to homophobia, to racism. You just have to get out there and experience other people and other things and it seems like many Texans are either unable or unwilling to do that.


It's Corny

Sorry, but this one just hurts in a different way. As one commenter said (I'm paraphrasing) Texas is like that one kid that always tries to be cool, but isn't.  People wear their state pride on their sleeves as if they somehow chose to be born here. This is a state where bankers wear cowboy hats indoors and I think that's all I really need to say about that.

Photo by Adam Thomas on Unsplash
Photo by Adam Thomas on Unsplash

The Arrogance

People really don't like the way Texans boast about themselves or the state. Let's start with the fact that anytime you claim to be great, you are saying someone else is not-so-great and that's a little insulting. Plus, what's so great about Texas? Yes, I can think of a number of things too, but that could really be said about anywhere. If you're truly great, you don't need to talk about yourself, because other people will talk about you.

The Economy

The economy here isn't what you think it is. Wages here are substantially lower than on both coasts and a lot of people made a note of that. We don't compete as much as we should in the tech or entertainment sectors.  It seems the "average wage" is about on par with elsewhere, but the ceiling is really low (plus some areas of Texas have the lowest wages in the nation). On the plus side, there are plenty of jobs, which is good because most people have to work a couple of them.

Clark VanDerBeken-Unspash
Clark VanDerBeken-Unspash

The Weather

The weather in Texas can be a bit extreme. The seasons are usually too hot or too cold and we only get a little peak at the good stuff in between. We have duststorms, haboobs, insane winter storms, tornados, floods, and hurricanes.  Then there are those weather-adjacent things like earthquakes or even cedar fever. Again, all of this is part of being an enormous state in the south, but that just means each area hates the weather it gets.

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