Wondering who the best new artists are to see live in 2023? We have some suggestions.

It’s 2023 and the underground scene is bursting from the seams with new talent. While we’re knee-deep in the season of festivals and their sweaty mosh pits, there’s never been a better time to head out early for shows and discover your new favorite bands.

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We’ve compiled a list of artists on the come-up with unreal stage energy, and if you’re lucky enough you might catch them at a show near you real soon!

  • girlfriends

    If you’re seeing Pierce The Veil and The Used, or heading down to So What? music festival, you absolutely need to set some time aside for the rambunctious duo, girlfriends. Their live shows encapsulate that bouncy energy of ‘90s pop-punk, and feel like the setting Blink 182 wrote about in “Rock Show.”

  • Scowl

    Scotland’s hardcore heroes have been climbing through the ranks since 2019, and are now finally seeing their hard work pay off as they join Limp Bizkit on tour slots. Among the many reasons Scowl are so beloved, their live performances stand out for their straight up absurd energy. Spinkicks fill the air, crowd surfers dive through the air – it’s a show you can’t miss.

  • Heriot

    The metal world has been losing its mind for Heriot, and rightly so. Continuing the legacy of Birmingham metal, Heriot convey the trailblazing energy a once young Black Sabbath did. Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton has co-signed his support, with many metalheads joining in agreement. Heriot at their best is at their live shows. There’s something so marvelous about watching a whole band headbang in unison.

  • Sueco

    Things you can expect at a Sueco show; inflatable rafts, bras flying onto the stage, and a plucky young Sueco soaring across the room. Sueco is another artist at the frontline of pop-punk and emo’s next wave, and he is certainly delivering the wild side of pop-punk in his shows.

  • Yours Truly

    The Australian pop-punkers have proved that not only can they hold it down on their home turf, but they also know how to party on international territory. The great thing about Yours Truly show is the duality between tracks – one minute you’re singing your heart out with tears streaming down your face, the next you’re stage diving. Yours Truly shows are great to get in your feelings and probably a lot cheaper than therapy.

  • Nova Twins

    Nova Twins are a band long overdue for their praise. Grinding through the scene for years, their reputation from the very beginning has always been their live shows and as their success continues to grow, the caliber of their performances just becomes even grander. You’ll often see either Amy or Georgia headbanging along in the pit with fans or bouncing around on stage. Even when they’ve joined the likes of Bring Me The Horizon on stage, their presence and iconic outfits alone are enough to steal the show. If you do anything this year, see Nova Twins live.


  • Beauty School Dropout

    Very few can say they’ve got Mark Hoppus AND Pete Wentz’s stamp of approval. Beauty School Dropouts are the frontiers of Gen Z’s pop-punk renaissance, and their live shows rarely disappoint.

  • Brand Of Sacrifice

    It’s an exciting time to be a fan of deathcore, and the genre’s latest offering is vivacious Canadians, Brand Of Sacrifice. Vocalist Kyle Anderson has dubbed himself the Demon King, rightfully earning that title by unleashing pure carnage whenever he hits the stage.

  • SeeYouSpaceCowboy

    See You Space Cowboy encapsulate everything we love about mid-2000s screamo both in their discography and their stage presence. Their shows often carry the same energy as a 2000s basement show, fans hanging from the ceiling, people bouncing from wall to wall. It’s utter chaos in the most enthralling way.

  • Static Dress

    Another screamo/emo contribution to this list, similar to See You Space Cowboy, Static Dress equally have quite the repertoire for live performances. They’ll be joining Bring Me The Horizon on their UK/EU leg of touring soon enough, promising to deliver an ecstatic performance to appease Suicide Season and Count Your Blessings-era fans.

  • Magnolia Park

    This pop-punk five piece hasn’t been around long, but the energy they bring to each show was enough to catch the attention of pop-punk icons Simple Plan and Sum 41 who promptly took them out on the road with them. Magnolia Park are feel-good pop-punk. Need to bounce around and have a little groove? They got you.

  • Scene Queen

    Scene Queen shows are a special place for the gays, the gals and the non-binary pals. Her hugely diverse following on Tik Tok has translated wonderfully into live shows, making it a judgment free place for anyone to dress how they want, party how they want and just have fun. A particular highlight is the twerkle pit; a moshpit but only for twerking. It’s fun, it’s camp and it’s just a good time.

  • Paledusk

    Japanese metalcore heavyweights are finally being paid their dues from Western music fans, joining Bury Tomorrow, The Amity Affliciton, Chelsea Grin and Code Orange on the road this year and next from their insatiable stage presence.

  • Crawlers

    Crawlers live shows prove that artists can live well beyond their online hype. The Liverpool four-piece have created a warm and welcoming space at their shows for ultimate catharsis, being able to scream every single word of their songs with random strangers and yet, feel like you’ve all known each other for years.

  • Oxymorrons

    If you’re at any festival this year, there’s a high chance Oxymorrons will probably already be there. Their electrifying spirit is certainly contagious, it’s no wonder they’ve been enlisted to tour with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor this fall.

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