Corey Glover hung out with Chuck Armstrong on Loudwire Nights the night before his new band Sonic Universe released their debut record, It Is What It Is.

In addition to celebrating the new album, Glover opened up about what it's like not only being the frontman for the legendary Living Colour, but also working with other bands and projects like Sonic Universe.

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"I still have so much to say," Glover said on Thursday night (May 9). "This is my outlet to say it and fortunately for me, I have more than one outlet to express myself."

When he thinks about the different outlets in his life, Glover admitted that each one allows him to say different things in different ways.

"Sonic Universe is a little more personal than Living Colour is," he said.

"Living Colour is personal, but it's personal on a social scale. I think Sonic Universe has a more immediate, personal, internal sort of thing. It's not mine — may not be my internal sort of thinking, but it is the results of a bunch of things that have happened in my life recently."

Fortunately for Glover — and fans — along with the release of Sonic Universe's new album, he is gearing up for a new Living Colour record, too.

"We're actually, as we speak, in the studio right now, working on our next record ... Hopefully we'll get this done relatively soon and try to get this out by 2025."

Why Corey Glover Doesn't Get Too Nostalgic

As Glover reflected on all that's happening right now with Sonic Universe and Living Colour, he seemed careful to not look behind him too much.

"I would hope that what we have now, what we've done, will sort of propel us forward and get us to another place," Glover shared.

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"If you think about it, if I tend to sit down and think about where we've been and what we've done, you could get very, very nostalgic and live in that nostalgia."

When those words came out of Glover's mouth, he was quick to follow them up with a clear statement.

"I don't want to live in that nostalgia."

What Else Did Corey Glover Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

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  • What it was like for Living Colour to play in Kansas City the day after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl
  • Why he agrees with the idea that Living Colour are "road tested" and seem very comfortable on the stage

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