KISS legend Gene Simmons has come to the defense of pop star JoJo Siwa after fans claimed her new "demon" look she debuted earlier this week was ripping off the iconic musician.

Siwa, an alum of Dance Moms, various Nickelodeon shows and most recently appearing as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, has made some inroads in pop and dance music in recent years.

She's just released the new song "Karma" and hitting the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in her "demon" rebranding likely drummed up support for her forthcoming video and music. Check out JoJo's look below.

jojo siwa debuts her demon look at the 2024 iHeartRadio Music awards in los angeles.
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Why People Were Criticizing JoJo Siwa's New Look?

Up until this point, the singer-dancer had primarily employed a more wholesome look, often appearing in a ponytail and using glitter and neon clothing as part of her fashion statement.

So, when turning up at the iHeartRadio Awards in a revealing black leather getup with black face paint around the eyes similar to that of Gene Simmons' demon character in KISS, it had people buzzing on the sudden and much darker change.

Siwa told E! News of her "bad girl" look, “People are afraid of things they don’t know. Things can be scary for people. New things can be very, very scary.”

She went on to add, "Creating art is such a special, special thing, and I'm very lucky that I get to be one of the people in the world that gets to create art."

Elsewhere, Siwa let it be known that the outfit she wore to the ceremony was a sneak peak of what fans can expect when her new video arrives this Friday (April 5).

In addition to Simmons, Siwa was also getting comments that she was trying to mimic the look of a WWE wrestler.

What Gene Simmons Said About JoJo Siwa's New Look

While some may be hating on JoJo over the KISS-styled look, you won't catch Gene Simmons taking a shot at the pop star.

Shutting down the haters, Simmons remarked to TMZ (video posted below), "JoJo is cool. Everybody who doesn't get it is just jealous, period. Never be ordinary. Always be extraordinary. JoJo is extraordinary and she looks cool. Of course she looks like me, but that's another story."

What Gene Simmons Is Up To in 2024

With KISS officially retiring from the road, Gene Simmons is still continuing with music. The musician has booked solo tour dates starting with the Summer Breeze Open Air Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 26.

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More shows in Europe will follow in late July and early August, currently wrapping his 2024 touring in Italy on Aug. 16. Tickets for all Gene Simmons tour dates are currently on sale.

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