As he approaches turning 60 on April 17, Maynard James Keenan is still taking exception to fans using cell phones at his shows, extending more harsh words for the practice in a recent interview.

The use — and overuse — of phones at concerts has been a hot topic in recent years, with fans and artists alike each weighing in on the pros and cons.

Among the most critical artists is Keenan, who fronts Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. He and his bands have gone through many lengths to ensure fans keep their phones pocketed during concerts, only able to record video or take pictures under Keenan's direct instruction. Usually, this is at the very end of the show.

Fans caught disobeying the no-phone policy have been removed from the show, and it's not something Keenan feels remorse or regret over, as he explains to Phoenix News Times in no uncertain times as he is in the midst of the Sessanta birthday celebration tour.

Why Maynard James Keenan Wants Fans to Put Their Phones Away

"It's rude," Keenan plainly says.

"There’s no way you can actually capture what’s happening in that live moment on a phone," the singer continues, "You’re missing the opportunity of actually absorbing in real time what’s happening. The art of storytelling. Being able to actually recount what you saw without having to record it. Training your brain to live in the moment and see the thing, but more importantly, stop annoying the person behind you."

Aside from each person's individual experience, Keenan acknowledges this is a community setting and people should be mindful of how they can hinder the experience of others around them.

"It’s annoying, it’s distracting and it’s distracting for us, too. So put it the fuck away, grow the fuck up. It’s only two hours. And at the end of the show, we usually let you film a song, so you get your souvenir," Keenan argues.

Maynard James Keenan on Ejecting Fans Who Use Their Phone

When asked if he has ever elected to not let fans film a song at the end of the set, Keenan reasons why he "absolutely" has made that decision at select shows in the past.

"If we have to throw out a dozen people because they’re being arrogant assholes, selfish pricks," Keenan begins to explain as he turns to condemning the actions.

"You’re annoying the people around you. I know there’s all kinds of arguments, like, 'Well, the removing all those people is annoying.' Uh-huh. It’s called consequences. This is what happens here," he asserts.

Likening his own concerts to other live artistic performances and the etiquette expected of attendees at those events, Keenan offers, "You do it in a theater, you do it at a play, you do it at an orchestral performance, you get removed. You don’t get to do it. Do it at an opera, you’re leaving. It’s rude. You’re here to experience a thing. You paid all that money to be here to witness what we do, not what you do."

The frontman concludes that the video fans are capturing is "not going to look good" and that you are "wasting" your time doing it.

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Maynard Calling Out Fans at 2023 + 2024 Shows

Though harsh, Keenan's remarks are not unprecedented.

Just within the last few months, he's berated fans at Tool shows for breaking the rules and using their phone without permission.

At a Tool show in Canada in mid-December of last year, Keenan urged one fan recording video to "take the light off, dickhead." Repeating the demand, he added, "Don't be American," before again calling the person a "dickhead."

Even artists who are tolerant of fans taking video at shows are generally contentious when it comes to a disruptive light beaming from a phone. In 2019, Judas Priest's Rob Halford kicked the phone right out of a fan's hands because the light had been on and for a while. A statement was released, acknowledging fans are free to film, "however if you physically interfere with the Metal God's performance you now know what will happen."

In February of this year, at a Tool show in Los Angeles, Keenan blasted another "dickhead" who was using their phone.

The Sessanta Tour

The Sessanta tour is a collaborative affair featuring A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Primus playing together onstage. It kicked off on April 2 and will come to an end on May 4.

Head here to see all the remaining dates.

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