If you go to see Motley Crue live, you can expect to see some nudity. During the band's performance in El Paso, Texas the other night, not only did Tommy Lee convince a bunch of women to lift their shirts, but he brought his wife Brittany Furlan onstage to flash the crowd as well.

The rocker posted a video on his Instagram story the night of the show, which took place Aug. 18. It's unclear who took the video, but based on the perspective, it was filmed by someone standing on the side of the stage. The clip is no longer available on his Instagram, but fans who were at the show have posted footage that you can find on other social media platforms.

Apparently, the rocker was disappointed that he hadn't seen any women in the crowd take their shirts off yet. Then, the camera zoomed in on several women who took their tops off, which was shown on the monitors on the side of the stage.

"I know somebody who ain't fucking scared, I'm gonna bring my wife out here to show you her fucking titties," Lee said to the crowd. "You guys ready for this?"

The camera panned over to Furlan, who pulled her shirt down as she walked toward her husband, and then pulled it down again before exiting the stage. The crowd, as you can expect, cheered loudly.

"Does that not get the party started? Let's go!" the drummer shouted.

"Girl thanks for showing your boobs tonight, your kind service is appreciated," someone wrote to Furlan on Twitter.

"You made my whole night," another fan wrote.

See some other reactions below.

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Funny enough, a Crue fan recently made her own "I love Brittany" shirt for the band's concert she attended, which she wore as an undershirt. During the show, she got on someone's shoulders and pulled up her T-shirt to reveal the message for Furlan underneath. The caption read, "When your husband asks to see titties at every show but this girl's a real one."

Furlan shared the video on her Instagram, writing, "Thank you kween."

Watch it underneath the tweets.

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