One day in the future conspiracy theorists will say there never really was a Jelly Roll concert in Lubbock.

The problem with this show, other than finding a parking space, is for some reason it was near impossible to get a good picture. That's fine and dandy for most of us, but for those people who wanted a little homemade souvenir from the show, they probably left very disappointed with the results. Seriously, other than what I've compiled here, not since the advent of the smartphone have I seen such a rough bunch of shots.

There was something about the lighting, or even the smoke/haze that made this show an amateur photographer's nightmare. It was so bad that I waited a day to see if I could scrounge up anything good rather than put the stuff I was seeing out there. Again, it's okay, it's just really weird that it seems like everyones photos were a little rough.

Enough with the complaints, some of our friends/listeners were able to get some shots that are worth sharing, so have a peek:

Jelly Roll In Lubbock

So Sweet! Jellyroll Spends Time Before Concert Helping Lubbock Folks In Need

Just a few hours before his sold-out performance at the United Spirit Area, Jellyroll spent his time in Lubbock volunteering at Lubbock's Grace Campus (1301 Ave A), a transitional facility for unhoused folks here in Lubbock. 

Alice Cooper At Buddy Holly Hall

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