Will we see guitarist Richie Sambora return to Bon Jovi? Back in February, the guitarist revealed that he had been having discussions about a possible return, adding, "I don't think there's any reason not to at this point." So where do things stand now?

The Nights With Alice Cooper radio show caught up with Sambora last Thursday (June 15) at the Songwriter's Hall of Fame ceremony in Manhattan, where the guitarist answered the question of whether he might be returning soon.

"Naaaah! No, not even close. Nobody asked me yet," said Sambora, though offering the caveat, "But I could do it tomorrow if they asked me." You can hear that soundbite here.

Richie Sambora's Exit and One-Off Return to Bon Jovi

After making his name in Bon Jovi, Sambora exited the group prior to a 2013 concert in Calgary. "Personal issues" were initially cited for the guitarist's absence on their tour, with Jon Bon Jovi later debunking talk that the guitarist had been kicked out of the band. A year later, the singer confirmed that Sambora had "quit - he's gone."

Phil X, who had been a session and touring musician with the band, became an official member of the band in 2016, handling lead and rhythm guitar parts as well as backing vocals.

In 2018, Sambora returned to the band for a one-off appearance, though a very special one at that, as the group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Along with another former member, Alec John Such, Sambora and his Bon Jovi mates performed "You Give Love a Bad Name," "It's My Life," "When We Were Us" and "Livin' on a Prayer" at the ceremony.

Since that time, there have been rumblings of Sambora's potential return. Back in 2020, the guitarist sparked some of the reunion talk, when he told The Daily Mail, "It would have to be a special situation for me to go back, but I'm certainly not counting it out. I have no malice toward that band."

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What Richie Sambora Wished for Bon Jovi

Reflecting on the band's career in 2018, Sambora expressed to Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, "I thought we should have made more strides to become a band."

He elaborated, “It was going towards Jon being the front-guy and nothing else. I kept on going, ‘American rock 'n’ roll band, American rock 'n’ roll band, American rock 'n’ roll band.’”

Since his exit from Bon Jovi, Sambora recorded the 2018 album Radio Free America with fellow guitarist Orianthi under the moniker RSO. Earlier this year, he appeared on the U.K. edition of The Masked Singer and he revealed plans for a new solo album with Bob Rock producing. Plus, he's a guest on the title track of Dolly Parton's new rock album, Rockstar.

At present, Bon Jovi have no tour dates on the horizon.

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