Do you have a kid that has an interest in horticulture? If so, you may want to pass this news along.

The Lubbock Master Gardener Association has two $2000 scholarships to award to deserving students.

It's actually amazing how many scholarships like this go by without a number of applicants. The qualifications are pretty simple, it's for students looking to pursue an education in horticulture, botany, plant science, or a related field.

I'm not sure how ingrained a student must be in these fields, but I would think these areas would certainly provide a very well-rounded education for students. There is of course an application process that will weed out (yeah, I did that) those who don't fill the bill.

The Lubbock Master Gardener Association works all winter growing plants to raise funds for this program. This in itself is absolutely amazing since some of us can't grow things during normal growing seasons.

It should be noted that this is not just for high school students entering college but for college students as well. It is for people in Lubbock, Crosby, Floyd, Garza, Lamb, Lynn, Terry, Hockely, and Hale counties. The deadline to enter for the cash is June 1st.

I absolutely love how this group has taken a personal love and mission of theirs and made it their goal to help further the education of students with like minds. It would be pretty awesome if more groups gathered their resources to support students in this way.

You can hook up with the group here, students can apply right here.

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