Slaughter to Prevail vocalist Alex Terrible has named the heaviest album of all time.

Terrible and guitarist Jack Simmons guested on the Garza Podcast, which is hosted by Suicide Silence's Chris Garza. The interview aired a few months ago and a newly published pullout clip has put the focus back on the conversation and, in particular, the question about what is the heaviest album ever.

At first, Terrible answers by naming a song — Suicide Silence's "Unanswered" — and Simmons clarifies he's talking about the deathcore icons' 2007 debut, The Cleansing.

The record is seen as one of the pillars of deathcore, released as the subgenre was in its infancy and still being developed. The unrelenting heaviness of blast-backed chugs colliding with crunching breakdowns and the late Mitch Lucker's dual threat high and low screams have come to define deathcore, even nearly 20 years later.

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The Slaughter to Prevail vocalist notes that he's not just aiming to flatter Garza, stating, "It's not because of you or Suicide Silence or whatever. This is my first song, like really heavy song, I ever fucking heard in my life when I was young [imitates guitar chugs] — 'What?!'"

Backing his selection, Terrible declares, "For me, The Cleansing, album is the heaviest fucking music in the metal industry in my whole life."

"It is literally true," Simmons acknowledges, applauding the drum sound and the potency of how the guitars and vocals play off each other.

"I saw that video [for 'Unanswered'] and I see the fucking motorcycle flying, people are like, 'Fuck yeah!' ...For me, it's just pure fucking deathcore," Terrible enthuses.

Suicide Silence, "Unanswered"

The vocalist goes on to praise Suicide Silence as pioneers, admiring how they helped deathcore rise to prominence in the underground. He goes on to talk about the simple songwriting structure of "Unanswered," calling it "perfect." It's what made such extreme music digestible for the vocalist and helped him wrap his head around this type of music at a young age.

Watch the podcast clip directly below.

Slaughter to Prevail on the Garza Podcast

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