Woe be to the restaurant that allows itself to get sloppy, unclean, or negligent in its food safety practices. Because here's the thing: people in Lubbock pay attention.

It's me, I'm people.

I watch for Food For Thought every week. And if you'd like to know who biffed their inspections, click on that link. But I'd like to shine a little light on the businesses who did everything right- and passed with flying colors.


But First, What Causes Restaurants To Fail Their Health Reports?

According to Linkin, there are the most common reasons restaurants fail their health inspection reports:

Bad Temperatures- both hot and cold foods must be kept in a safe temperature zone, or there is a very real risk that people can get very sick eating there.

Bad Storage- Raw chicken above cooked beef? Ew! And it's seriously unsafe. It's also gross/ dangerous to store food on the floor, yet some places still do it.

Bad Hygiene- Employees who fail to wash hands, change gloves, etc. Or when food is set to thaw in a hand wash sink

Okay, Now For This Week's Winners

A nightclub, a boozy to-go delight and two food trucks easily passed their inspections this week:

Flamingo Cantina (4820 Southeast Dr)

Flamingo Cantina, a nightclub that specializes in Spanish &Tejano music (and karaoke!) passed its inspection with flying colors. They also have live DJ nights. ¡Órale!

Eskimo Hut (405 Frankford)

Eskimo Hut is a fun option if you are looking for a frozen adult beverage, jello shots, or a very curated selection of excellent craft beer. And they passed their inspection with ease.

Dave's Ice Cream (Food Truck)

Wildfire Wood Fired Pizza (Food Truck)

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