Those checking out the Taylor Swift Bandcamp page might be surprised to find out that the pop star isn't dropping any secret tracks or reflecting on her musical past, but rather it's another artist's music that was getting the spotlight (at least for a while). That's because Madison James of the bands Ogbert the Nerd and No Good With Secrets secured the domain after joking on social media about "starting a screamo band." 

Finding the humor is snagging available domains, the musician also secured Bandcamp domains for My Chemical Romance, Daft Punk, Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa and LeBron James as well.

Per US Weekly, James initially posted three tracks titled "Taylor Swift 1," "Taylor Swift 2" and "Taylor Swift 3" on the site, dropping post-hardcore, noise rock and grindcore-inspired cuts of songs for the three selections.

But the fun appears to be over as the current Taylor Swift Bandcamp page is now listed as "Oof" by uhhhhhh, with a note that states, "If you're here from fantano, you're too late and missed out on all the fun. someone tell him to give equipment another chance." It also features links to James' two other bands.

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James, who uses the they/them pronouns, told US Weekly, "I didn't really think any of this through. There's no bigger meaning to it besides a one-off joke I made and it spiraled into a wider discussion and thing people are excited over."

The musician says that it's been "funny" and "interesting," but insists that no malice was meant in the prank. "I’m just having a little fun for the sake of making my friends laugh and maybe learning how to write better riffs,” they added.

The stunt has also brought some more attention to James' band, as No Good With Secrets new EP Another Side, is due on May 10, and they add that Ogbert the Nerd will also put out "a bunch of new music" soon. Those will be found on each band's existing Bandcamp pages.

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In reflecting to the response to his Taylor Swift Bandcamp page stunt, James shared on X, "if any of you are aspiring sociologists, please refer to this as a case study in that being funny on twitter is enough to get 10 offers to do a split, 3 tape label bites, and (at this time) 15 show offers," before going on to add, "None of these will happen."

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