It is amazing how far some people will go to push an agenda,

Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay
Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay

The First Step

Louisiana just became the first state to require the 10 Commandments in every public classroom, from kindergarten through college. To make this happen, they had to do a bit of lying to get it in there. The proponents claim the purpose is not just religious, it's also because of its "historical significance". This is a case of someone peeing on your leg and telling you it's raining.

Not Buying It

The 8th commandment should have prevented this from happening. I would think that "bearing false witness against your neighbor" would cover lying about your real intentions. This is purely an attempt to indoctrinate students via the large posters in an "easily readable font" required. The commandments have to be mixed with other approved documents in order to sneak this past the Constitution.

It's A Ploy

This whole thing is so sleazy and underhanded that it gives religion a bad name. Lawsuits are expected, so the entire proposal had a caveat that state funds couldn't be used to defend the expected lawsuits. The lawmakers hope to use "volunteer lawyers" to fight the battles. The entire state of Louisiana should be embarrassed at this "cheat to win" legislation.

Probably Coming To Texas

Texas has also considered this type of legislation but is obviously watching Louisiana jump on this grenade before acting. Hopefully, Texans will be a bit more upfront about this kind of garbage lawmaking. I'm sure Texas lawmakers would love to have a law like this on their resume, but maybe they can be a little more upfront about wanting religion in schools and not claiming some b.s. reason to sneak it past the Constitution.

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