Machine Gun Kelly has made a substantial offer to his pal Travis Kelce to switch up his NFL affiliation. After all, both entertainers originally hail from the Cleveland area — so MGK wants to know what it would take to get Kelce to leave the Kansas City Chiefs and play for the Cleveland Browns.

At least that's what the singer-rapper was feeling out when he recently called into New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Travis' podcast with his fellow NFL player brother, Jason Kelce.

See the video near the bottom of this post.

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"I'm sure you get asked this question behind closed doors," MGK tells Travis. "But I would be remiss, if due to the nature of our friendship, and just as a Clevelander, if i did not insert this question personally. I will give you $500,000 cash upon arrival … as well as matching that same amount as a donation to both of our high schools, both Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights, as well as everyday breakfast and coffee delivery from my restaurant, if you would just come home and put on these colors [holds up Browns colors] right here."

Calling it an intriguing offer, Travis responds, "You know that was the original dream, you know that was the dream." Alas, "I'm not gonna lie," the athlete adds, "the situation's pretty good in Kansas City."

The Chiefs tight end continues, "That was the original dream, though. When they brought the team back like, I remember, I think I cried … when I was getting drafted. To like, please let me fuckin' play for Cleveland. It was like, one of my dreams."

Without backing down, however, MGK tosses in, "There is no decision that needs to be made right now, but just know my offer is real."

Still, once off the phone, Travis explains, "Chiefs Kingdom, you know I love playing for the Kingdom, baby. I don't think I'll ever play anywhere else." (Not to mention, it's hard to see how MGK would have much sway over NFL player transactions.)

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