The legal system in Texas is super stressed on the criminal side. Texas courts are also jam packed with civil lawsuits, some of which are beyond frivolous.

Texas courts are always busy. On the criminal side, the nations second largest state has an equally large number of bad guys to deal with. Not to mention all the non criminal violations that have to be dealt with like traffic tickets, code violations, etc, etc.

Not to be outdone, civil lawsuits also keep courts, judges, attorneys, law enforcement officials and even juries jumping. Some matters need the courts attention in deciding who was wrong or who got shafted as things aren't always black and white.

Other matters though are just a waste of time, effort and resources that shouldn't even be allowed, (some aren't), before the court in the first place. Here are a 3 examples:

Man Sues Over Bad Date

In 2017 an Austin man took a lady to see a movie. She apparently spent most of the evening on her phone so he demanded reimbursement for her ticket and pizza. ($17.31) She refused so he sued on the grounds of her behavior being a "threat to civilized society". She eventually paid up, out of court, after the TV show Inside Edition got involved.

Texas Lady Vs. USAF Over Nacho Cheese

In 2015, a lady in Texas sued the US Air Force over a nacho cheese burn that happened at a bowling alley on Sheppard Air Force base. She claimed a drop of nacho cheese sauce fell on her finger, causing her pain. She also said she lost her job because she couldn't use her hand. She sued for $95,000 ... not sure how that played out.

Woman Sues Store Over Fall

A lady in Texas tripped and fell over a kid running through the store and broke her ankle. She sued the store for thousands of dollars and, believe it or not, she won. Why is her victory so hard to believe? First, it's not the stores fault some people don't control their kids and, second ... here it comes ... it was her freakin' kid.

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