Throughout time Texas has seen its fair share of famous animals pass through, and while some may have come and gone, others have received a permanent resting place in the Lone Star State.

Many of these animals laid to rest in Texas are well known even beyond the state's borders. Some are probably even known internationally.

What is it that makes animals so special?

There is just something about animals that brings joy. Many of them are able to attract the attention of people without even trying, so it makes sense that some animals can reach a certain level of fame.

I think animals are able to reach a part of that other people just can't. Sometimes it's because they're extremely joyful; have prominent personalities; display a unique talent; or are even just cute. I personally have always loved animals, and enjoy simply being able to watch them exist -- they're fascinating.

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What kind of animals are on this list?

While not all the famous animals buried in Texas were friendly, they all (mostly) had unique qualities that ushered them into the limelight. Or they were just owned by really influential families -- around Texas and the nation.

Some on this list are famous pets, while others are known for their competitiveness. Maybe some of the most well-known -- in Texas at least -- were well-loved mascots that have since become tradition. I never realized a couple of these famed animals were buried in Texas, but I had heard of each of them at one time or another.

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