Rampaging, Possibly Blood-Thirsty Squirrel Can Fly!
I wanted to say that this squirrel has serious parkour skills, but when you get down to it, it really just has serious squirrel skills.  This thing pulls some serious Spiderman-like moves, then does a Batman thing, before running off like "The Flash".  Wow, it's a gr…
Teddy The Jerk Cat [VIDEO]
Okay, this is not the "Jerk" cat.  He is in fact an A Hole, but I'm not supposed to use the word on these posts, even though it's in the video.  This is pretty much the ultimate cat video. More after the jump.
Cat Politely Asks For Attention [VIDEO]
I got to admit I like cats.  I like dogs too, but I find cats a bit more interesting.  The cat in this video is really cool and looks like it's asking politely for attention.  More after the jump.
Volkswagon Dogs Do Star Wars Theme [VIDEO]
It's another classic commercial for Volkswagen. This time its an entire chorus of dogs doing one of the Star Wars themes (forgive me, I'm not that big of a fan).  Even though I can't "name that tune", this is pretty amazing.  Check it out after the jump.

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