Lubbock Resident Warns Dog Owners
Stacey A. Stephenson and Shelby Wren were distraught when their dogs became ill with what they now know is a highly infectious canine upper respiratory infection.
Rampaging, Possibly Blood-Thirsty Squirrel Can Fly!
I wanted to say that this squirrel has serious parkour skills, but when you get down to it, it really just has serious squirrel skills.  This thing pulls some serious Spiderman-like moves, then does a Batman thing, before running off like "The Flash".  Wow, it's a gr…
Teddy The Jerk Cat [VIDEO]
Okay, this is not the "Jerk" cat.  He is in fact an A Hole, but I'm not supposed to use the word on these posts, even though it's in the video.  This is pretty much the ultimate cat video. More after the jump.

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