Ok guys we are 5 days away from the Jackyl show this Saturday July 2 at Wrecker's on 18th and I-27. Over the past week I have been giving you random information about jackal's; how many of you thought I'd lost my mind? Come on, it's ok be honest!

Relax, there IS a method to my madness, and now my friends it is time to share that madness with all of you.

This  weekend Jesse, Chris, Roman, and Jeff; the Jackyl boys, hit the Hub for the FMX Red, White, and Blue Ball to help me celebrate my birthday in true FMX style.

The show will be at the new music venue in town called Wrecker's (where Tequila Jungle used to be), tickets are available at both the 34th street Oyster Bar and the Depot District Oyster Bar for $20.00, or for $23.50 at all Select-A-Seat locations, be sure you get yours before they sell out.

Now, let's see if we can find some similarities between a "jackal" and THE JACKYL...

While THE JACKYL boys may occasionally be found in Africa, or India or any other part of the world they hail from Kennesaw, Geroria where they were formed way back in 1990. 

If you have never heard Jesse play the chainsaw I STRONGLY encourage you to come out Saturday and check it out, it is honestly something you have to see to believe.

Jesse was once asked "how do you play a chainsaw?" His response...."How the hell can you NOT play a chainsaw?!"

Check out this video for "Lumberjack" and see Jesse in action, then be sure you come out and see it live Saturday night!

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