To celebrate the highly anticipated release of Jackass Forever, we invited Jason "Wee Man" Acuña to join us in proving and disproving what’s written about him on Wikipedia.

It’s true that Wee Man used to be the subscription manager for Jackass’ spiritual forefather, Big Brother Magazine, but he wasn’t the one who accidentally sent copies of Taboo, a pornographic mag, to Big Brother customers. Wee Man no longer worked as Big Brother’s subscription manager when that took place, but in this interview, the stuntman shares that he believes the mishap was actually an ingenious publicity stunt.

Despite what it says on Wikipedia, the Jackass Forever shoot didn’t have to halt production after only one week thanks to COVID-19. The cast had actually been filming for at least a month and were healing up on break when the world shut down in early 2020. Wee Man wasn’t too bummed about it, however. He used the time to mend.

Wee Man also disproved a report that claimed Shaquille O’Neal has a cameo in Jackass Forever, while backing up an earlier claim that the latest Jackass movie was the most physically painful of them all.

“All the other ones, we got to do funny, cute things in between the pain,” Wee Man says. “[Because of COVID-19 lockdowns] there were no funny or cute bits I did. They were all straight to pain.”

Wee Man - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

Watch the Wee Man episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ above and make sure to grab your tickets for Jackass Forever, coming out Feb. 4.

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