Austrailian Jackass
This is one of the most cringe worthy videos I've every found. It's a "Jackass" like crew called "The Children Of Poseidon" .  What you are about to see is a guy jump full body into the cactus in the picture.  What follows is a lot of cursing, …
Steve-O In Town Tonight!
Steve-O brings his stand up comedy act/stunt show to Jake's.  Steve-O will have shows tonight and tomorrow night at 8:00 and 10:30.  More after the jump.
Check Out The Sport Of “Fire Tennis”
I am so ticked. I practically invented this and now it's a 'thing'.  When I was a kid, I went to may cousins house where we spawned a version of this game.  He had the metal ring of an above ground pool.  It looked basically like a gladiator arena to us, so we did the logical thing, we invented a da…
Ryan Dunn Memorial Tribute Video From Rick Kosick [VIDEO]
There was a memorial service for "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn at Paramount Pictures last week. Co-star Rick Kosick put together a tribute video of Ryan's best moments from the show. Of course it's a lot sad, but then again you can remember all the laughs he brought over the …
Jackass Stars During Better Times [PICS]
I'm sure Dunn would want us to remember the laughs and the great friendship he shared with the guys.  Here's a look at the guys during the Jackass 3-D premiere and at the MTV Movie Awards.
Hall Pass Among D.V.D. Releases For 6.13.11 [VIDEO]
I still get excited about a "big d.v.d. release" day.  Whether you're buying d.v.d.s that day, renting the movies online, or just the realization that the movies are a couple days closer to hitting the premium movie channels, knowing a couple more great titles are availab…

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