Jackson Mahomes is back at it again, but this time it doesn't involve dancing on the sidelines of his big brother’s football games or riding a mechanical bull.

Mahomes is constantly under fire for something he's done, and other than a couple of instances like dumping water on people or trying to publicly slam a Kansas City bar, it's usually not deserved. But this is different.

A new video featuring Jackson Mahomes that popped up on the @nflmemes_tiktok account starts out innocent enough, but ends up a bit concerning.

In the clip, you see Mahomes dancing, as he usually does, when a couple of girls approach him. One of the girls is filming and the other seems to want a photo with Mahomes. The girl that wants a photo looks like she's dressed up for her birthday in a cocktail dress and sash. As she approaches Mahomes, he stops dancing, walks towards her, grabs her face and tries to kiss her. She seems to laugh it off as she denies the kiss and moves away from him, but the viewers of the video didn't find it so funny.

The video caption accusing Mahomes of sexual assault by trying to kiss her like that, and the majority of the comments on the video agree. It’s obvious in the video that the birthday girl wasn’t expecting Mahomes' advances and she didn’t want to kiss him because she pushes him away once she realizes what he's trying to do.

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Because she pushed him away, we don't know if he was actually trying to kiss her or just messing around, but it still isn’t okay to grab someone like that, especially when you don't know them.

I usually don't agree with the hate Mahomes receives, but this is different.

It's unacceptable to make advances on someone like that when you don't have their consent. It doesn't matter who you are, who you're related to, or how famous either of you is. It also doesn't matter if she's a fan of yours or not; you don’t behave that way. Grow up and do better, Mahomes.

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