In the old days, the Beatles and Stones would release singles, then they'd gather up the singles and that would be the "album".  Basically every full length 'album' was a 'greatest hits' album.  This is kind of the the tact with the new comedy project from Jimmy Fallon.  More after the jump.

I'm not the biggest Fallon fan, he tends to be a little more goofy than I like (and I'M GOOFY).  When the Heathen gave me a copy on his new comedy release I almost didn't even take it.  The disc is basically his "greatest hits" from the show with a couple of extra bits thrown in.  Here's the verdict: it's surprisingly good and entertaining.   Fallon's impersonations are so spot on that it's creepy.  On this disc he does Dylan, Neil Young, (Te)Bowie and Jim Morrison.  The Doors parody sounds like it was lifted right off a doors c.d. even though the lyrics are from the theme song to the "Reading Rainbow" t.v. show.  Fallon also scores big guests for the c.d. with Eddie Vedder, Justin Timberlake and Bruce Springsteen making appearances.  So, should you buy it?  Well, whereas I thought it might only be good for one spin, I've already checked it out twice.  You can also see most of the videos from the show from which the album is made online.  It just depends on if you want to add a little something different to your collection.  It's funny, but how many times you you can stand to hear the same jokes is up to you.

Here's a preview of the album for you: