We can all think of actors that no matter what roll they are playing they are basically same character different movie... I won't name any names but the one that immediately comes to mind for me was in The Matrix, Point Break, and Speed, just to name a few.

One actor that no one can ever accuse of portraying the same character in different movies though is Johnny Depp, love him or hate him you have to admit the dude can act!

I was never a big Depp fan until I was forced to go see EVERY movie he has done over the past 4 years and I can honestly say that I have been reformed. It does not matter if he is playing the part of Captn' Jack or if he is playing a mob boss he delivers performances that pull the audience in and and makes you believe he is that person.

There have been many nights I have been forced to watch Depp on Leno, Letterman, and other late night shows and always end up laughing and coming away with the feeling that he seems like a really good dude.

That being said, today has been an awesome day of football, but tonight at 8 Depp will be on Larry Kind talking about his upcoming movie The Rum Diary. In the interview Depp talks to King about his mentor Marlon Brando and even even tries to sneak a little man love in on King.

Thankfully now, while you watch the video I  can "maybe" get away, so I can continue to watch football and baseball without having to hear about how hot Depp is!

Check out the video...


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