We have all heard various nut jobs and their predictions for the end of the human race. Well, Harold Camping is one of those voices preaching about doomsday. Actually, Camping first predicted the end of the world would happen in 1994, but was wrong due to a mathematical error. I screwed up on quite a few math equations in my time, but none had to do with the end of you and I.

Yeah, you read right. This Saturday is Judgment Day. Many are confused about how this is all gonna go down. In all actuality, we're not gonna all burn up this Saturday due to the hellfire and brimstone stuff. No, this Saturday is just Judgment Day. That's when the righteous are saved and taken upstairs (Heaven). The rest will hang out in torment. What kind of torment will occur? Not exactly sure, but according to Camping, those not taken up to Heaven will roam the Earth until October when the real destruction begins.

If I am one of those left to wait til October, what are the chances that the torment Camping predicts will be at Hooters? Just sayin'

Do I believe in God?


Do I believe a day of Judgment will come one day?


Do I believe a wack job in a polyester suit can predict Judgment Day on his 2nd try (following the failed math error)?

H E Double Hockey Sticks NO!

Here's one of many videos of this guy "preaching the gospel".

I guess I need to listen to this song a bit closer, maybe Dave Mustaine says something about May 21st?

If the end of times is Saturday, it might be good to get back in the good with the Big Guy upstairs. I couldn't find God on Facebook, but Jesus has a page.

If we really did know the exact date of the end of the human race, what would you do with your remaining hours?

Finally, I'm not mocking God, Jesus, or your views of Christianity...I'm just mocking the idiot that said that Judgment Day was gonna be this Saturday.

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