Every time this subject comes up, it stirs feelings deep in the soul of every Texan. We've talked about it before, and it's very apparent: Bu-cee's hates Lubbock, and is not coming anytime soon. They'd rather sow their wild oats deep in the heart of Tenne-tucky, or wherever the less-refined rednecks tend to congregate on their way to Dollywood. Fine...stay there, beaver.

With that, our broken, longing hearts turn to another convenience store that has developed a sense of wanting among West Texas shoppers, that has yet to set foot in the Hub City proper.

Yes, we're talking about Allsup's.

Google Street View
Google Street View

This week brought news that even though the convenience store chain itself is NOT yet coming to Lubbock, you can buy some of their signature delicacies at the Yes Way location at 4th and Toledo. We're talking deep-fried burritos, deep-fried chimichangas...basically, little heart disease delivery systems.

Now, I've only shopped in an Allsup's once, and I'm not gonna lie, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Now, even though it was in Gallup, New Mexico, first impressions are everything. Maybe it's the fact that I could smell the grease on my clothes long after I left, or the coolers that seemed just a little too warm for staples like milk. Or maybe it was the crackhead sleeping next the store on the sidewalk. I decided against snapping a photo because I didn't want to get spit on, stabbed or worse. Hard pass.

After that, every time we had the opportunity to stop at an Allsup's, we passed on it, because they just looked...sketch. Very sketch. I know they have locations close to Lubbock, and that's fine. I'll start a GoFundMe to build a border wall to keep Allsup's out of the LBB.

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So, if you want high-school-cafeteria burritos that'll require a Medic Alert bracelet, knock yourself out. As for me, I can wait patiently for one of the 2.6 million Circle K's that they're building in Lubbock. I think they're even opening one up in your kid's closet.

And, I'm pretty sure with some of the Allsup's fans that we have in our building, I'm fresh out of friends.

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