In today's episode of "Entitled Ladies," we exhibit a dangerous species of Karen that you can find in the wild. This one, however, doesn't yell for more foam on her latte or throw racial slurs. No, this breed is much worse.

This Karen thought that going shopping was more important than parking in an actual parking spot, so she casually parked her car in the street and went inside for some retail therapy. Unfortunately, her shopping spree was cut short by the sound of firetruck sirens and honking.

The firetruck sits honking at the car parked in the middle of the road for several minutes, lights on, clearly headed toward an emergency, only to have to wait behind a fancy red car.

The woman eventually emerges from the store, with a bag in her hand, and smirked as she gets into her car. The fact that she comes out with her merchandise in a bag, leads me to believe that she didn't think the fire truck honking outside was enough of an emergency to interrupt her checkout. How gross.

The video was removed by Reddit shortly after I watched it, but you may still be able to see it here. There was a glitch in the matrix or something and I'm still able to view it, just not embed it for you to watch.

We can only hope that whoever was experiencing an emergency could afford the extra few minutes that she took to move her car. Minutes and seconds are often the difference between life and death. It's quite disturbing to see someone act as though a shopping trip holds precedent over human lives.

Park your car in a real parking spot, folks. There is a reason why some places aren't meant for parking. This is one. Don't be like this Karen, be a nicey.

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