I think this article should be "KCBD drops the ball, kicks it around a little bit, waits until you're not looking and hides it under a pillow".   I, like many others, check out the commentary by the Station Manager Dan Jackson.  I certainly don't make an appointment of it, but if I'm on that channel and they say it's coming up next, I'll hang around.  I don't always agree with him, but he does often call people to task or insert some type of rationality into current events.  This past Wednesday, the community needed him and he bailed out.  More after the jump.


I have been mostly keeping my thoughts on the whole Chik-Fil-A mess on my personal page, and most of you would not like them.  On the air, I have put out a few pleas for rationality  while biting my tongue at some of the more extreme elements on both sides.  This controversy is exactly the thing that was begging for a classic "Dan Jackson" moment, but he punted.  While EVERYONE in the U.S. was discussing or debating the Chik-Fil-A mess, Jackson went with a piece on how KCBD was improving their morning show.

Now, don't get me wrong, he doesn't owe anyone an opinion, but he serves them up on all major issues.  If you put yourself in that position, people expect you to speak up when the latest hot topic starts trending.  What was bothersome was that it so obviously appeared to be a dodge.  When something like this happens, those of us in the media know what our audiences want us to talk about the next day.  That's why we busted out a few breaks on the topic, even though we knew the two sides were too heated to even listen rationally.  We knew (and were proven right) that even if we stood on the middle ground, some people would go away ticked.

So, some might say that I'm being unfair because I didn't stand up on my soapbox.  Well that's the difference, he runs an OPINION segment, our show is just goofy stuff with occasional thoughts or opinions thrown in.

So Dan Jackson, consider this-you had the ball, you could see the goal line and rather than make the touchdown you took the opportunity to show off your teams uniforms.  You are dismissed sir.

UPDATE: Mr. Jackson finally commented on the story today.  As we say here in West Texas, he's closing the barn doors after the horses are already gone.


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