Back in July, Kid Rock tweeted out a report from a poll that showed him as taking the lead in the Michigan Senate race. But some time has passed and a new poll now shows that Rock faces an uphill battle if indeed he does want to claim the Senate seat.

The musician has yet to officially file for a Senate run in Michigan, but has spent a good portion of the summer promoting his Kid Rock for Senate campaign site. Since that time, quite a bit of interest in Rock's potential political run has been generated and he definitely saw a spike early on after the announcement. But according to a Media Research Group poll released early Thursday, Rock now trails incumbent Debbie Stabenow by a tally of 52 to 34 percent.

Media Research Group's president Tom Shields said in a statement (via The Hill), “Kid Rock would have an uphill climb against Stabenow if he were serious about getting into the race." The poll shows Democrats supporting Stabenow by an 87 to 9 percent margin, while 66 percent of Republicans stated that they would support Rock.

The musician has continued to play up a possible Senate run during recent concerts and has launched a voter registration campaign at his shows. However, there remain doubters. Fellow Michigan native and rocker Ted Nugent stated earlier this year that, "Kid Rock ain't running for squat."

Regardless of whether Rock follows through on his Senate run or not, the musician has definitely generated plenty of interest in the political process and has done his best to get potential voters to register.

Kid Rock in Consideration for Michigan Senate?

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