Our friends at Advanced Graphix have done it again!

After multiple tattoos I learned to just let artists do their thing. If you tell an artist you want a picture of a heart, instead of bringing in a picture of a heart, you'll get a much better looking heart.

Over the past few years we've trusted the folks at Advanced Graphix to take complete and total control of the designs for our Birthday Bash shirts and the results have been phenomenal. The only instruction they had was that this was our 37th Birthday. You can see they took that and then blew it up to the next level. I just love how it adopts a little of the old school street rod culture into the design.

We're pretty proud of these shirts and Advanced is too. They are showing off the design in some of their marketing, so we thought we'd let you have an early peak too.  Yes, we know who the Birthday Bash is supposed to be and I can tell you that if all goes well it will be in February. But, Birthday Bash or not, we'll be passing these shirts along when we get closer to our actual Birthday.

Stay tuned to win yours!

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