Kliff Kingsbury was the head coach at Texas Tech for 6 seasons. This offseason he was let go from his duties and got hired at USC which is located in sunny southern California. When he went to Los Angeles the main joke floating around was, "At Least he's not in Lubbock anymore!" because Lubbock totally sucks. 

Kingsbury wasn't in LA long after getting hired by the Arizona Cardinals on Tuesday afternoon.

The move to Phoenix just brought more Lubbock bashing:

Here's Clay Travis, who's on air in Lubbock from 5-8 a.m. on Talk 1340, getting in on the action.

There is one person though that's going to miss Lubbock and that person is Holly Sonders, who is allegedly linked up with Kingsbury.

Now, I'm not a gossip columnist, but I am a Lubbock apologist, so when I see a pro-Lubbock sentiment combating hate, I want to draw attention to it. This thread follows the post above in the comment section:


There you go. According to Holly Sonders, who is totally Kliff's girlfriend, Lubbock has the "kindest, most genuine people in the world." I'm not sure if the 'Friendliest City in America' tagline still holds any water with the majority of people, but I still believe it.

Holly Sonders -- Fox Sports Personality, Golf Enthusiast, Lubbock Advocate, and Kliff Kingsbury's girlfriend.

Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays
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