Even though the 4th of July holiday is essentially done for this year, I think a lesson like this will be valuable for many years to come.

This is one of many reasons why you should be extra careful with fireworks. Learn from these people, to keep your people safe.

My friend Jennifer was out doing fireworks with her brother a few years back. They were setting off some mortars, the ones that shoot out of the tubes and fly super high and have huge explosions. These are the most popular kind of fireworks, the ones everybody thinks about when they think of fireworks. And as can often happen with mortars, there was a misfire.

In this case, the shell, which was supposed to fly mostly straight up, had a malfunction and started spinning in the air instead of being propelled into the sky. When this happens, the impending big boom of sparks and color will now explode much closer to the ground. That's when people catch on fire.

So you see, even when you try to do fireworks properly, they can still turn around and bite you, because they're explosives and they don't follow your rules. In other words, just be extra cautious with your fireworks and always video them so maybe one day you can go viral or something. Isn't that what we're supposed to strive for these days? I don't know anymore.

I also appreciate the laughing at the end and the loud "dammit," because it was kinda funny, too.

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