The City Council has made a decision regarding feeding the homeless. The controversy "erupted" when a church group was cited for trying to take food to the "needy."

The new ordinance allows for care and feeding of the homeless but puts a bunch of restrictions on the process. Here's some of the restrictions according to our sister station KFYO:

gloves and hand sanitizer for those serving the food be provided at the feeding site, set temperatures for the food to be stored at, and that the feeding site must be left in a clean, waste-free condition. Food must be served within four hours of preparation.

Councilman Todd Klein wanted the rules relaxed even more, but I'm 100% with the city on this one. The last thing we need is a bunch of homeless folks that stink more from having the walking sh@ts. I'm sure the homeless are pretty happy about this decision too; more food from good-hearted folks means that they can get back to using what little money they have to buy liquor and crack.