Thanksgiving is coming up soon and Brenda Garcia with United Supermarkets joined us today to talk about the great deals and benefits of turkey that you can find at United Supermarkets this week and leading up to Thanksgiving.

According to Garcia, turkey is a great source of not only protein but zinc as well and right now a lot of people are looking to get more zinc into their bodies to help with their immune system. Garcia also said that it is true, turkey can make you tired and relax you, but that can be a benefit.

Garcia encouraged listeners to get cooking tips and tricks at for their Thanksgiving meal.

Last week, Garcia encouraged listeners to move beyond that try mixing pumpkin in with mac and cheese. It will allow you to use less butter and according to Garcia, pumpkin is good for Vitamin C and A which helps your immune system which everyone seems to be wanting to do. Garcia encouraged listeners to visit for more great recipes and ideas for pumpkin. That includes put some pumpkin in your cider and smoothies!

Listen to the entire interview with Brenda Garcia with United Supermarkets in the video above and visit for more on today's meals and advice. Also don't forget that United Supermarkets has you covered this Thanksgiving with turkey, sides, and great desserts!

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