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In spite of a rather intense hail season, one of life's sweetest pleasures is happening here in the Lubbock area. Picking your own delicious peaches is such a lovely experience and excellent date or family gathering. And since its an outdoor activity, it's inherently safer in light of COVID-19 than indoor options.

Noble Farms (8009 County Rd 6830) will be opening Friday, July 3rd. Here's all the important details from their Facebook Page.

We will OPEN Friday, July 3rd!!!!!! Hours will be 8:30 am to 2 pm, Monday to Saturday and from 6pm to 8pm, if the temperature is below 95.
Come out and enjoy time with your family. If you are sick, however, PLEASE stay home until medically cleared. With everything going on this year, here are some important things to keep in mind:
1. Our "Great Peach Team" will be here to help you! We'll be taking care to remain socially distant and will be wearing masks, especially when 6' separation is not possible. We ask that you do the same (unless medically not possible).
2. We will have single use boxes or bags , wash stations, hand sanitizers, cleaned carts/ register/ tables/ touchpoints, for you.
3. Bring your own water, bug repellant, sunscreen, hats, walk worthy shoes. Please apply before coming into the orchard.
4. Bring hand wipes or sanitizers, as per your comfort level. We will have some but are trying to limit physical contact as much as possible.
5. Try to bring exact change or use debit/credit card, to minimize touch points.
6. As always, we will primarily be pick your own this year. We will try to be as clear and detailed as possible before you pick about an approximate weight per peach, but if you pick it, you buy it. We will be unable to keep and resell any customer picked produce that is unsold.
7. For our health and safety and yours, we will close if the temperature gets to 95 or above.
8. As usual, our supplies will be limited to what is currently ripe in the orchard. While new fruit tends to ripen daily, there may be a few days when we run out of ready-to-pick peaches and have to close early/not open. Watch this page for updates about any changes to our normal operating hours!
BLESSINGS and Gratitude to you ALL. We're looking forward to a great season and can't wait to see everyone!

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