Okay this is supposed to be some video showing you the "ravages of drugs and alcohol".  I don't see it that way.  I see it as a cool morphing video that stops on a somewhat less that flattering picture.  I've seen tons of pics of this young lady lately where she still looks FINE! It is a very cool video to watch.  More after the jump.

So I don't whats up with the "menacing" music in the background.  Like pretty much any Hollywood star Lindsey has to have the right makeup and the right lighting to look good.  Add to that they may have stopped on just a bad picture.  I don't think this is proof of anything other than somebody knows how to make a cool video.  The question is simple, would you do her?  Of course you would.  You'd ride her like the 5o center electrical pony outside of K-mart.  Here you go:


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