Guys, I really thought I'd seen it all, but this year, I came across what has to be the absolute scariest costume of all time. Lubbock man Ronald Lee Murdock came up with an amazing idea and dressed up as something that everyone in Lubbock is afraid of...

An LP&L bill!

Ronald Lee Murdock
Ronald Lee Murdock

I'm shook! Ha!

This guy gets all of the points for creativity. There is nothing more terrifying than opening your mailbox and seeing one of those. What will it be this time? $800? $1700? Will you accidentally be charged for your neighbor's electricity too? The number of horror stories surrounding Lubbock's most hated company is as astounding. You can find hundreds of major complaints in reviews online. I, myself, have personally been victim to several 'mistakes' on their part that took weeks to sort out.

Lucky for us, we will soon have many more options for power in Lubbock and we won't be stuck at the mercy of LP&L.

If you've never had a problem with your service, count yourself as one of God's chosen people. You are the lucky ones, and I envy you. I currently have a $465 bill at home that I am not looking forward to paying. I've considered just going without electricity and using the bills in my fireplace to keep me warm.

I digress.

Great job, Ronald! You've scared us all to death! You, sir, have the most terrifying costume in town. Maybe you should go into the horror movie business. You've certainly given us all a fright.

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